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Simple ballroom, Latin and other dance steps with Qi gong to warm up and cool down. 

For Fitness, Friendships and Fun!


FitLine is an exercise routine with a combination of basic Ballroom Dance techniques and QiGong. The dances I teach range from American Smooth, Waltz, Rumba, Samba, Cha-cha, Charleston, Tango, line dance... I use the QiGong as a warm up (at the beginning of the class) and cool down (at the end of the class).


I believe the combination of Ballroom Dance and QiGong provides the most effective way to improve one's Chi (through deep mindful breathing and movements in QiGong) and the dances provide the most enjoyable way to reduce stress, improve mobility, flexibility, memory and confidence.

Dot Hill

Anyone who is not sure about this should try it. It is great fun and the only fitness class I have ever stuck at!! Ann makes it a good giggle and fun!

 It was a great class, Ann, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Really looking forward to next week.

If you want to keep fit and enjoy doing  it, this is the class for you. Everyone is laughing  by the end of the class as they have had such great fun. Plus  Ann is a lovely Lady and teacher. 

Suzie Mitten






I have known Ann when I first joined her FitLines class in March this year (2017). The main reason I joined her class was curiosity, and wanting to do some form of exercise closer to home (I live in just 5 minutes from where Ann runs her class).

What first struck me with Ann was her beaming smile which welcomed all of us to the class, it was as though we've always been friends.

As soon as the music starts you can immediately feel this energy fill the room as she starts moving to the music, showing us the steps and encouraging us along. I felt no inhibition or any awkwardness as Ann made me feel very relax and comfortable enough to let loose and just have a fantastic time.

I have come to know a bit more about Ann now and I am very impressed with her tenacity, commitment and passion for dancing and her desire to share the joy she herself feel from it. She just seem to shine and her positivity is very infectious !

Ann is a very friendly, approachable, hardworking and generous woman. She is a very caring and wonderful mother, friend and a very talented dancer.

I have gained so much joy from the classes in the last 9 months and I would recommend FitLines to anyone.


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